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Our solutions are designed for the Biotech and Pharma industries with the main goal of enhancing the patient experience. It’s no secret that patients can struggle during clinical trials. The financial stress can become a burden, with patients having to take days off work to attend clinical trial visits. As a result, they drop out or avoid signing up altogether.

The Joik Card is designed to help patients overcome financial burdens associated with clinical trial participation. This patient-orientated solution helps by streamlining payment processes via a pre-paid card and a secure cloud-based system. These cards are sent directly to sites, allowing the study team to allocate cards to patients.

We also help patients via Joik Travel. Teaming up with Uber, we can book comfortable transportation for patients from their home directly to the clinic. This is covered by their Joik Card, helping reduce any inconvenience they may experience. It’s simple, easy and efficient.


Benefits for patients

  • Eliminate the financial hurdles that may keep participants from completing a clinical trial
  • Easily submit expense receipts with our GDPR compliant mobile application - simply scan and send it to us.
  • No need to maintain paper receipts.
  • Easy access to the online portal 24 x 7
  • Gets notified by SMS or email upon payment

Benefits for Sites

  • Reduces administrative burden, saves time to focus on patients
  • No hassle of managing hundreds of patient receipts
  • Reduces risks and error with manual processes

Benefits for clients (Sponsors/CROs)

  • Payment visibility by simplifying and streamlining payment processes, providing financial transparency and accuracy throughout the lifecycle of the project/study
  • Improved site satisfaction and higher patient retention
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